Are You Relocating to Austin, TX?

We love working with clients moving to Austin!

What to consider while you are planning to make the move to Austin:

Plan Early/Consultation - We understand that moving to a new city can be overwhelming. You are not familiar with the area, you do not know where the best schools are, you cannot figure out where the best restaurants are or where the best shopping is. No problem, we have your back! We recommend planning early and setting up and phone consultation with us to go over all aspects of what you are looking for in a community so that we can share with you the best areas to focus on. This will save you time and a lot of headaches moving forward.

Making your trips/Video Tours - We recommend familiarizing yourself with the area in person once we discuss in our consultation what areas could be the best fit for you.  Afterall, you will be making a big investment in this area and we want to make sure that this is the best area for you.  You may find that you can eliminate some of your *wants* and willing to sacrifice the extra drive time to be in another area. Your first trip should be just an educational trip to drive around and get used to the area and drive times.  Then, plan another trip to pin point the areas of focus and we can house hunt to find the best house for you. Some folks are not able to make two trips and that is totally fine, we understand. In this case, we can do video tours for you and you can be in the comfort of your home while we tour the house for you and can point out everything that needs to be noted and addressed while we are on the video call together. 

Submit Offers remotely - Austin's market is super competitive. With over 170+ people moving into the city everyday, this can make house hunting remotley quite difficult. Our team has the experience working with relocation buyers and the resources to help make this as stress free as possible. After your initial *educational visit* to Austin, you should have a grasp on the areas. Bearing in mind the video tours we do for our clients, making offers remotely can be easy. We find that a majority of our relocation clients do make offers on houses when they are back in their current area. This can eliminate any disadvantage you may have with other buyers who are currently living in Austin. As you read in our home buyers guide, we have an option period that is typically 5-10 days that allows a buyer the right to any inspections and once you make your offer *sight unseen*, this allows you time to make the trip to see the house in person and conduct your due dillgence. If for any reason you find the house is not the best fit, you can terminate the deal and you will only be losing your option fee (typically $300-$1000) + a plane ticket. 

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